Handcrafted Wood Watches
Designed in Los Angeles, CA.


Yes, The Garwood is a wood watch, and like all other watches he will tell you the time, how much time you have left and how much time has passed. But The Garwood watch is not about what it tells you, it is about what it tells others about you.

Designed in Los Angeles and handcrafted from 100% natural wood, The Garwood is one of a kind – you may even call him a "Lovable Rogue". The Garwood doesn’t challenge authority, he is the authority. He is the upstart who sees things differently. He shares his vision whether you want him to or not. The Garwood exceeds expectation, not because he wants to, but because it’s all he knows. His success is measured in friends and experiences, not in dollars or title. He does the right thing when no one is watching. He doesn’t seek accolades, they find him. He thinks big, loves big and lives big. The Garwood takes as much as possible from life, but he always makes a point of giving back.


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around the world with the garwood

Are you one of the thousands of people on planet earth, proudly wearing The Garwood watch? This is a tribiute to you! 
Whatever country, city, town or street you are in, we salute you and we thank you for your support! 


We wanted to create a watch that was sure to draw a crowd, and with its 100% natural wood material and copper face, The Garwood watches are guaranteed conversation starters wherever you go. The feedback has been overwhelming, and highly appreciated, we love that our fans get excited about the feel of wearing a natural, one of a kind, light weight, crafted wood watch on their wrist. Thank you!
— The Garwood